Ultimate Beginners Guide To King Of Avalon Game!


King of Avalon is an MMO strategic battle game introduced for Android and iOS devices by the Century game. Every player in the game needs to create their empire, train troops, dragons, build a strong army besides fight in more missions.

With the help of an active military, you can protect the kingdom from various monsters’ attacks as well as complications. There is no need to pay for playing as the game is entirely free offered by the developers.

Various advanced features, 3D graphics, functions, systems are added to make it super cool in comparison to others.

Players need to pass lots of missions, challenges, tasks in King of Avalon game to progress faster besides the need to adopt master’s strategies.

If you are a beginner in King of Avalon, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. It helps you to gain more benefits like no one another can besides play smoothly without getting frustrated.


To understand some basics, essentials, features, what’s inside the game, gamers need to play the tutorial. There they can quickly learn what’s impressive in the game besides how to play better.

Sometimes learning all basics first helps you to progress faster. So, try to play the tutorial part with more concertation; otherwise, you need to face various issues.


Hundreds of fantastic events are organized in King of Avalon game daily. Completing each event helps you to gain an array of benefits, rewards, in game currencies as well as cool prizes.

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Unbox more gifts and awards by completing the activities wisely. For analyzing your status of playing, performance, and so on, try to perform these tasks before missions.

Also, it permits all the gamers to understand strategies and king of avalon hack to perform efficiently.

Role of dragons

Dragons play a vital role in the King of Avalon game that helps players to complete missions faster. Also, with that, they can play better, progress kingdom easily, and can grab amazing rewards.

In other words, with the help of mighty dragons, you can perform all tasks smoothly without facing more issues. Try to add a mighty dragon in your army and keep upgrading it.

However, all players need to learn how to take care of the dragon as it plays a significant role in overall performance.


Adopt the exchange system in order to get the needy or valuable item in exchange for other things. Whenever a player goes out of supplies or other items, they can adopt this system for reducing the stress.

For example, suppose you have more pieces of wood and don’t have food for the troops, then you can exchange wood for food easily.

Try to understand the facts of the exchange system as soon as possible because it helps users to pass hard levels easily.

Connect with Facebook

Don’t forget to connect the game account with Facebook for gaining a certain amount of currencies and other rewards.

Also, with this feature, you are able to invite friends to play the game besides explore endless entertainment.