My Story Choose Your Own Path Tips and Important Tricks

my story choose your own path tips

There are millions of games that are available in mobile gaming platforms, and every day, more new games releases, but there is one thing common in this.

Only those games that have great storyline and graphics with the great concept of playing gets popularity, and My Story is one of those game. It’s a unique kind game with so many unique things that simulation games don’t ever have.

My Story game is a story based game where players have to make a perfect story by giving a suitable answer. It is like a unique kind of experience where players can live a second life and try to make it more great and suitable.

Know about the My Story

Everything that has already mentioned is just a small part of the game, in reality, and it’s a game with lots of stories and characters. At the beginning of the game, it allows the players to choose one story between multiple stories.

The beginning story of the game is just for understanding the game and situations. It’s really like an incident game where you have to understand the situation and give a proper answer to that.

It is true that it is quite tough to choose the answer in one situation because you’re not living it before the beginning of the game you can read about the story as well to give a proper answer.

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Customize the characters

It’s an amazing thing about the game that players can customize the characters of the game, and there are so many new and unique trends of things regarding dresses and accessories.

The variety of this kind of stuff is so much, and every week and month, it gets an update as well. While playing the game, users will find that in the game, there are so many stories, and in every story, you can customize the dress as per the situation.

However, it is better to have some diamonds in your hand when it comes to customize your characters. Customization sometimes require a premium currency to buy stuff from the game. To do so, having plenty of gems or diamonds in hand is a great idea. Use this my story free diamonds hack and get free diamonds or gems legally from the game itself.

Majority of players who play it love this amazing feature of the game because who doesn’t like customization.


  • Choose stories from thousands of chapters
  • Weekly new updated stories
  • Customize the characters
  • Add new dresses and accessories

Complete the stories

The developers make lots of effort and work on this amazing game, and there is no doubt that the efforts of making to game. Creating amazing stories can be seen easily, and it is quite fun to see that players love to play it as well.

There are thousands of stories and chapters available in the game store. Unlike any other game, it is so much fun and entertaining reading & playing these stories. Every gamer has a different choice of play and in this, every story has its category, so it gets quite easy to fund your favorite story of the game.

However the popularity of my story is at its peak point and gamers love to play it. Majority of players who play it loves reading and in the game for them this feature is so helpful that they can read the stories as well.