IMVU Currencies- Role and How to Earn Them More!

imvu currencies

Like all other virtual world games, IMVU also contains some kinds of currencies named as regular credits, promotional credits, and developer tokens.

With the help of these currencies, you can purchase every single in-game item besides can progress faster.

There are many ways available in the game to earn these currencies, but players need to spend more time as well as energy. At that time, users get stressed and leave the game, but there is no need to do this.

In the post, we are going to mention all about in game currencies in the IMVU game. Paying attention to the forthcoming content more helps you to gain more currencies as soon as possible besides exploring endless entertainment.


It is considered as primary as well as the prime currency of the game from which you can buy clothes, essentials, furniture, outfits, gifts, products, and so on. Also, it helps players to buy more necessary items in order to progress faster like no one another can.

Promotional credits

It is the sub-part of credits that can be used to earn more gifts, rewards, prizes as well as features. Creating a new Avatar besides completing the tutorial, help users to earn promotional credits more.

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Developer credits

These credits work as tokens in the IMVU game. These tokens are awarded to the content developers when someone uses promo credits to purchase in-game items created by them. Ten developer tokens are equal to one loan, so try to collect more tokens.

Ways to earn in game currencies

Mentioned below are some pro methods to make in-game currencies without getting stressed or tensed. Don’t forget to collect free imvu credits from the necessary tasks, like creating an Avatar and playing the game tutorial.

·         Daily spin

Either an individual doesn’t have more time to play the game missions or levels, they are suggested to spin the regular wheel correctly. Spin the regular wheel in order to earn an array of rewards, prizes, items, as well as in game currencies. There is no need to pay any cent for performing this task as each day; you’ll get one free spin.

·         Connect with Facebook

It is considered as one of the most significant free methods to earn all currencies of IMVU. Players simply need to connect the game account with Facebook in order to obtain currencies in a certain amount. Although the amount of currency is fewer in this task, it helps a lot to users in hard situations. They can perform this task anytime when there is urgent need to in game currencies. So, don’t forget to connect with Facebook to gain more benefits.

·         Watch free Ads

After completing each task of IMVU, users are allowed to watch a Free ad. They can also forward it by pressing the skip button. But watching 50-60 seconds free ad may offer a certain amount of currencies to players.

·         Complete more objective

Try to complete every event, the aim of the game correctly from which you can gain currencies in a more massive amount. Each task offers an enormous amount of credits to users as per their performance.