How to Earn Etherium in DragonVale’s Rift Dimension

No amount of DragonCash will be able to help you in the Rift Dimension. Etherium is the official currency in this dimension, and without it, you won’t be able to breed the rare Rift element dragons.


Thankfully, earning Etherium is just as easy as earning DragonCash. Here’s a brief guide –

Where to Find Etherium?

  • Rift Habitats – The most obvious way to collect Etherium is to breed and nurture dragons in the rift habitats and collect the XP and the etherium once they are done. Releasing new dragons from the breeding cave is also an easy way to collect etherium.
  • Contribute to the Airship Dock – Take part in these challenges to get a chance to win extra etherium.
  • Explore for Etherium Vortices – As you explore the Rift dimension, visiting your friends’ parks, you will find vortices which upon clicking, deliver free etherium.
  • Complete quests to earn treasure chests that contain etherium. You can also earn chests by taking part in Dragon Track races.
  • Trade Gems – You can exchange gems for chests of etherium. Open these chests to win a variety of prizes.
  • Two gems get you 50 chests
  • Five gems get you 100 chests
  • Twelve gems get you 250 chests
  • Twenty-five gems get you 500 chests
  • Another way to earn free etherium is by using dragonvale hack mentioned on the linked source where they post legal methods to earn free etherium in dragonvale game.

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How to Use Etherium? 

Once you’ve amassed a ton of Etherium, it is time to use them smartly and earn as much XP as possible. Etherium can be used to –

  • Breed Rift Element Dragons at the Breeding Cave
  • Buy decorations, boosts, etc. on the Rift Market
  • Upgrade your rift habitats and buildings
  • Clearing light Miasmic Ether
  • Leveling up dragons
  • Speed up the movement of dragons to and from the Rift Dimension.

Players also have the option to buy additional Etherium from the game’s ‘treasure section.’ Collect as much Etherium as possible and use it to climb up levels quickly.