Dragon Ball Legends Hack And Cheats To Get Free Chrono Crystals

dragon ball legends hack

Dragon ball legends cheats

Bandai Namco continuously works to give its users something special and unique. This time, they are offering an exciting experience through Dragon Ball Legends with a 3D effect and multiplayer mode.

With its martial arts, space monkeys, powerful battles and a lot of crazy adventures, the game will make glued to its till the end.

But, with its trickier levels and crazy adventures, earning Chrono Crystals becomes even more difficult. In this guide, we will tell you some Dragon ball legends hack, cheats and tricks to make Chrono crystals easily and instantly.

Dragon Ball Legends Hack And Cheats To Get In Game Currency

Clear More Chapters

One of the best and easiest Dragon ball legends hack to acquire Chrono crystals instantly in Dragon Ball Legends is by clearing more Chapters in the story mode. There are various special abilities and different characters that might help you in overcoming the Chapters.

  • You have to clear around seven chapters in each story by using multiple characters and different abilities.
  • In the beginning, you will keep earning three Chrono crystals finishing a chapter. But, Dragon ball legends Mod Apk do not work here, and you will not get these rewards.

Play the PvP Mode

There is also a PvP mode in Dragon Ball Legends which never fails to make the gamers go crazy with Dragon ball legends cheats. With each and every battle you win in the PvP mode, lots of rewards will be added to your account. Awards are based mainly on the number of campaigns you succeed in the PvP battle.

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  • Though there are lots of rewards for winning battles in the PvP mode, you might also get lucky to get a Chrono Crystal dropped for clearing battles.
  • Chrono Crystals are crucial to get a summons in the game, which is why you should try to collect more and more Chrono Crystals.
  • You can easily collect enough Chrono crystals by reaching the higher levels to get at least ten summons.
  • You can make a good rank in the game by winning a large number of PvP battles when you use Dragon ball legends hack.

Log in The Game Daily

Daily login is among one of the easiest ways to earn consecutive rewards in Dragon Ball Legends. You can easily earn Dragon ball legends free Chrono Crystals and other numerous rewards by playing daily.

  • The biggest of Dragon ball legends cheats of login daily is you can earn around 10 Chrono crystals and the other rewards without even making much effort.
  • You will not get these rewards when you play the game with the Dragon ball legends hack apk.

Daily Tasks

Along with the daily logins, you also have the chance to earn the right amount of rewards by doing everyday tasks.

  • You can earn the kind of rewards you want by clearing these daily tasks.
  • The moment you collect your present day’s rewards, you will now be eligible to play for your next day’s prizes.
  • Don’t delay to collect the rewards as the 24-hour counting starts after you get them. Never forget this Dragon ball legends hack and create a specific notification on your device.

Keep you Character’s Upgraded

Buying a character is not only essential. To earn a good ranking in the game, you need to clear more levels and to clear more levels, and you need to keep your characters highly upgraded.

  • One of the few Dragon ball legends cheats of upgrading a character is by putting them into the training mode. This way, you will be able to get EXPs by playing the stories in the story mode.
  • Putting them into the training mode will not affect your Character’s performance as they can do the tasks even while being on the training mode.
  • Another way to upgrade your Character is by pulling off-limit breaks. It will also help to increase the power level and the star level of the Character.
  • You can also upgrade your Character by using the ability called soul boost.
  • If you want to add specific items to your Character in the game, you can add equipment from the main menu. Also, you have Soul and Zeni to upgrade each item.
  • The training mode has a predetermined limit, and it will only after it completes its set time limit.

Understand Your Elements

Understanding your elements before starting your game is very important Dragon ball legends hack. When you pair the wrong characters, it might ruin your entire game. There are a total of five elements in the game mainly red, blue, green, purple and yellow.

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  • Red is stronger than yellow, yellow is more potent than purple, purple is even stronger than green, green is stronger than blue and blue is even stronger than red.
  • Dark is the most powerful amongst all of the above and light is more significant than the dark.
  • Before placing your characters, know their icons and use Dragon ball legends hack If the icon carries a blue arrow, quickly throw it on the skirmish on the hand and if it has a red arrow, quickly flip with another one from your team.
  • Before picking a character from your team, always be careful about their elements. Always put a Character that matches perfectly to its enemies. If you choose a weaker element, the chance of losing the battle becomes high.

Try to finish More Missions

Try to complete more missions to earn a satisfying amount of Dragon ball legends free Chrono crystals. The more you clear the tasks, the more will be the chances of getting Chrono crystals.

  • To clear more missions, all you have to is a tap on the ‘missions’ icon and start playing the most exciting battles of Dragon Ball Legends.
  • There are also many other rewards apart from Chrono crystal which will help you in upgrading your characters when you know all the above tricks on how to hack Dragon Ball Legends.


After successful Anime series, the characters of Goku and his friends with Super Saiyan becomes lively when you play Dragon Ball Legends. Dragon ball legends cheats are still essential to “K.O” the Currency monster of the game.