All you need to know about Mario Kart Tour- Racing Game!

all you need to know about mario kart tour game

Lots of action racing games are out there by the game industry, Mario Kart Tour is one of them gaining more love by the players.

There are lots of incredible tasks, events, mods, features, graphics added in the game, which makes it different as compared to others.

Players can easily play the game on Android and iOS platforms without paying any cent. Understanding all basics, features of the game help players to explore endless fun besides reduce mental stress.

Don’t panic; you don’t need to face the same kinds of challenges again and again as each game mode contains different objectives.

Hundreds of different characters, controls, racing tracks, items, also available that you can purchase or earn while playing.

To know everything about the game, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. Also, paying more attention allows you to enjoy the game more and progress faster.


As we mentioned earlier, there are various amazing features are added, which makes the game super incredible. Discussed below are some of those features explained.

  • To grab all items, things, characters, tracks, in the game instantly, users can go with in-app purchases option. By spending real money in the game, the shop helps them to gain their favorite items immediately without getting stressed or tensed.
  • All the graphics of the game are of high quality, so users don’t need to face any issue with the characters. They can enjoy super graphics as well as gain a new action experience in the game.
  • Hundreds of exciting events, game modes, racing tracks, challenges are available that players can enjoy with their friends.
  • Connect the game account with social media platforms in order to invite more friends.
  • To go ahead in the game or understandings the basics, controls, goals of the Mario Kart Tour game, players can play the superb tutorial.

The gameplay of Mario Kart Tour

The gameplay of Mario Kart Tour is straightforward to understand as gamers need to complete the essentials besides starting with the racing levels.

They can choose controls, characters for performing every task as per their needs or requirements. Turn on the manual or automatic method for controlling the racers.

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As per choice, they can set up the controls besides can enjoy the game more. Players simply need to pass the levels in order to go ahead besides learning more tips.

In-game currencies

There are two kinds of currencies used in the Mario Kart Tour game named as coins and rubies. Each currency plays a significant role, and players need to earn all of them in a more massive amount.

There are various mario kart tour hack and tricks available in the game from which you can get in-game currencies more.

  • Coins– it is considered as the primary currency of Mario Kart Tour that can be obtained by the users while playing a challenge. It can be used to purchase various items in the Mario Kart Tour game.
  • Rubies– it is considered as the most valuable currency of the Mario Kart Tour game from which you can gain more EXP’s as well as upgrades of the gears.