A Useful Strategy For Beginners To Play Dragon City Game

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Developed by Social Point, Dragon City is one of the most popular and renowned games in the social gaming environment. The main reason for its ever-growing popularity is that the gaming formula is simple and easy and involves farm games.

The best thing about Dragon City game is the carried features and how each applies to:

  • The game flows
  • The gameplaying strategy and
  • The dynamics of the game.

All you have to do is collect varied units for fighting. As of now, you need 200 units.

The Different Formulas

This social game is typically based on two different formulas such as:

  • The farm game which is usually a strategy and simulation model where you will have to gather different resources to grow around your main building, which is much similar to building and expanding a town and
  • Breeding or collecting and fighting with the units or dragons later which are produced through the farm process which also involves upgrading these to get the optimal result from the fights.

You will need to mix these two strategies to build your farm. You can also check out dragon city cheat no survey to get free gems and other in game currency.

Types of Buildings

You will need to focus on different types of buildings in the game and follow the steps using the features available in this game to build them quickly.

  • Farms: Building farms is probably the easiest way to produce food for the dragons in the game. Apart from food, you will also gain experience when you build farms in the game. Make sure that you upgrade your farms as you progress in the game to gain access to better and more useful features.
  • Crystals: These are the artefacts of the game. These are unique for each element that you can place anywhere on the map. The build time of all crystals is 6 hours. Within a specific radius, these crystals tend to affect the habitats in it. You can use this to increase production of money for all dragons by 20% and stack them if the dragon has 2 or more elements.
  • Breeding Mountain: This is where you put two dragons to breed.
  • Ultra-Breeding Tree: An alternative to breeding mountain, this will speed up the breeding process when you spend gems.
  • Dues Breeding Nest: This is where the magic tales place after breeding two dragons.

Finally, you must build the temples of different types. These temples will help you to feed the dragons to a higher level. There are six different types of temples in the Dragon City game that will work on all dragons, even if they are far from it.

  • The Magic Temple can feed a dragon up to level 15
  • Noble Temple up to 20
  • Knight temple up to 25
  • Master temple up to 30
  • Epic Temples till 35 and
  • Wonder temple can feed up to level 40.

However, please be informed that each of these temples will come at a price and build time. both will go up as you build better temples.

Now that you know about the different types, focus on building them as your gaming strategy.