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Below You'll find a list of Military related links and websites.  I have also listed numerous Facebook Groups which are military related.  If there is something You would like to see added see the email address at the bottom of this page
Military News:
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Canadian Navy:
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Canadian Forces :
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Other Foreign Military Links:
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CF (Canadian Forces) Discounts is the National Website for Soldiers, Veterans and their families to find discounts and special offers anywhere in Canada by supportive businesses.

Discounts for American Military:
Information and links about discounts and deals for members of the U.S. Armed Services and U.S. Military veterans.
Military Family Resource Centres are autonomous, non-profit organizations governed by a Board of Directors. Each military base in Canada, United States or overseas works in partnership with a Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC). All Centres are mandated to offer four pillar programs which, provide a similar delivery of programs and services available to all military members and/or their families. In addition, each Centre is responsible for developing programs and services that meet the needs of their specific CF communities.

Military Family Resource Center Listings: (Canada, USA & Europe)
Link:  An online message forum for servicemen and women and also military enthusiasts
Canadian Virtual War Memorial:
Veteran Related Links:

For Canadian Veterans - Royal Canadian Legion:
For American Veterans -

Support Our Troops Groups on Facebook

These are a few of Many Military related groups on Facebook, By clicking the links you will be taken directly to the group page.  If you are not a registered user, you will have to sign up before being able to visit these groups
Tim Hortons For Our Troops:
Purpose: To encourage Canadians to send our soldiers in Afghanistan Tim Horton's Gift certificates with messages of support on the back
Started Feb 2007
Members: 15,7111
Petition To Canada Post For A Support Our Troops Stamp
Purpose: A petition to Canada post to issue a stamp honoring the sacrifice of Canadian Heroes, This petition took seven months and a letter writing campaign to Canada post and the stamp will be coming out in October of 2009
Group Created : October 2007
Group Members: 10,588
Petition Link :
Send A Message To A Soldier Group
Purpose: To encourage people to send letters, and messages to soldiers, to show them we support them and appreciate what
they do regardless of what we may think of the mission.
Group Members : 482
Group Created : August 2007
Operation Pen Pal
Purpose: To match up Civilians and soldiers with letter exchange
Group Members : 526
Group Created : January 2008
Families in Remembrance of Military Members - FIRMM
Purpose: To help this group promote their efforts and sale of Support Our Troops Memorial Calendars
Link :
Created October 2008
Group Members: 1297
Support For Military families and Injured Soldiers
Purpose: A Networking site for connecting families of soldiers, and Injured soldiers to each other
Created : December 9th 2008
Members : 526
A Group dedicated to the stretch of Highway in Ontario where our fallen heroes are brought from Trenton to Toronto.  Regular
Canadians come out and line the overpasses to show their support to our fallen heroes. 

If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.


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