Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does this cause not have a beneficiary?

When this cause was first started December 28th 2008 I had chosen a Canadian Military charity as the beneficiary, but after a lot of people started to join from all over the world I wanted to make it about showing our men and women gratitude and not about donations so I removed it all together. As the numbers started to get larger and larger I was getting flooded with requests by charities to be added as the beneficiary also which got out of control.

2. How is able to stay advertisement free and no donations?

Through the sale of our t-shirts we are able to pay for hosting fees and other expenses related to the site and I like not having any advertisements on there because it keeps the authenticity of the site and I have gotten many comments from soldiers and family members for keeping it that way.




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Due to the overwhelming requests I have been getting for this right now we are just going to be setting up large groups as pen pals, we don’t' have the capacity to set up people individually, so I'm referring to schools, or larger groups. If you are an individual wanting to get involved you can visit OR if you are outside of Canada. Canadians can go to the Forces site or send a letter only "NO PACKAGES" to:

OP ATHENA Kandahar, Afghanistan
Any Canadian Forces Member

Note: the US in 2001 stopped the "Any Soldier" writing program due to security concerns after 9/11


1. How do I submit a tribute for a soldier?

If you are a family member or friend who has the permission of the family to do a online tribute simply email a write up on them to and include three or more photos. Preferably one in uniform and some not in uniform. If you would like to see the few that have already been done you can go to and click on TRIBUTES


1. I would like to make a donation to another military related charity can you recommend any?

Hero to Hero US & Team Canada - A program for sending shirts of 1st responders to USA & Canadian troops from home Soldier On - A program started by soldiers, for injured soldiers and run by soldiers.

NOTE: I get daily requests from charities and organizations asking me to be added to this is not something we do as soon as we get a request. I take time, talk to military, families of military and people who have heard of them, do a lot of research before we post any other links on here. & are the two most recently added organizations which were referred to me by a Gold star mother in the United states and are worthy of checking out. Please use your own judgement and discretion when checking out any other sites and by posting a link on here we are not stating any affiliation with these organizations.

MCpl Elton Adams:

1. I really enjoyed the song "What A Soldier Left Behind" How can I order a copy of MCpl Elton Adams CD?

You can go to and purchase a CD right on his site using PayPal or credit card, leptons music is also on ITunes for individual download. Just search on ITunes for Elton Adams.


1. Why did you start Thank a soldier?

You can go to and read my "About Me" but briefly It started over three years ago when I heard there was a Tim Hortons in Afghanistan and came up with a Idea to send troops free coffee. Then just about a year ago I was listening to a song by Julian Austin called "The Red & White" which has a line in it "Do we take the time to thank a soldier" and it all started with that.


1. Why are there not as many updates on as the blog page? is updated when we get family member tributes, photos, or wish to communicate major events. The operation of and a multitude of advertising and design work is handled Chris Shave of Mister Six Studios, free of charge. I created the Http:// blog to handle the more frequent updates, and provide a personalized medium of communicating to our viewers. The website and the blog feed off each other to provide our viewers with an as much cause, event, and support information as possible.


1. I have a tribute video I've made on YouTube can it be added to your site?

You have the option on the Thankasoldier cause page to add a link, just copy and paste in the YouTube address and type a description, You can also go to our YouTube channel: Http:// and add your video as a video response to one of our tribute videos.


1. Why am I receiving updates in my email from the Thank A Soldier cause?

When you first joined the Thank A Soldier cause there is an option to "Enter email address to stay up to date" and when I send out bulletins to members a copy goes to your inbox. I am not emailing you personally. In the nearly 1 year of existence I have tried to keep the updates to a minimum except for major happenings and such. This will be the last one for awhile that will go to the inbox as I will simply be posting the bulletins without "Sending notifications" or "Sending to inbox. The Bulletins will be on the Thank A Soldier page for those who wish to read them.


1. Why do you have an auto-response set up to email?

I have admins on the cause page watching for negative posts and spam. The email account is the one thing I like to have full control of as I want to be the only person responding as me to people who visit the site and have questions. With over 3.1 Million members in just under a year and continuing to grow we receive 200-400 emails a day and even more on different occasions. 90% of the emails are questions that you will find in the above FAQ list and if you have a question or comment not related to this site that requires a response it will be answered within 24 hours. Some people have said why don't you get help answering the emails well as I stated above I don't want people speaking on my behalf if other questions arise and I feel I have answered the most common questions I have seen in the last 11 months of running this site. I do have a full time job as do the other admins on my page and have been putting in 14 hours a day in to answering each email individually and this will help with that. I thought long and hard about doing this as I didn't want it to be not personal but I have to do what I have to do. © 2009 | design by Chris Shave